Premium 8-Channel Split Screen Surveillance Video Multiplexer


Supreme 8-channel video mixer solution designed for visual applications that require multiple video feeds to be displayed one one same screen. Great tool for visual applications related with video monitoring, multimedia presentation, editing/post production or video capturing. Combine all or selected input video feeds into different split-screen styles on one display for preview, live monitoring or recording..8 standard video inputs with 4 audio inputs. 2 standard video outputs with one main audio output. Users can select any of the video/audio inputs connected for output to a TV monitor, external speakers or DVR for monitoring or recording purpose. Supports hookup with all CCTV security surveillance cameras with standard composite video output..Easy fast switching between video/audio inputs, split-screen modes and others by using IR remote or push buttons on the front panel. Supports total 18 screen modes including 8-channel split, quad screen, 3-channel splits, 3-PIP modes, 2-channel splits, 2-PIP modes, 1-PIP modes and single channel full-screen. Image freeze control, enabling video frames to be paused or captured for extended period of time..Zoom function from quad to full screen picture. Supports border line On/Off function for use in split screen modes. Supports time/date stamp for display and video recording. Supports auto sequential channel switching function with adjustable dwelling time of 1 to 99 seconds. Supports programmable motion detection area and sensitivity levels for each camera/input. Configurable video loss detection and video motion detect setup with buzzer alert..Built-in alarm buzzer can be manually enabled for motion detection and video signal loss. Individual color adjustment provided for each video input channel for brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and sharpness control. Easy on-screen OSD menu setup for user friendly configuration and operation. Supports all NTSC and PAL input systems with selectable NTSC or PAL video output.



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