Idaho Jones - Cushy Silicone Flanges - Pack of 2, 30mm - Compatible with Spectra - Lightweight and Comfortable - Gentle Pumping - Pump in Style Flanges


Superior Comfort: Say goodbye to chafing or discomfort from hard plastic flange! Cushy Silicone Flanges are made of soft, grippy medical-grade silicone, providing a gentle seal. Pump more efficiently and effectively!.Lightweight and Convenient: Pump with ease using our lightweight flanges. No more toppling bottles or struggling with a heavy silicone flanges. Compatible with Spectra, Nenesupply and more, enjoy convenient and effortless pumping..Elastic Nipples?: We've got you covered. Our flanges are designed to address the needs of elastic nipples, gently compressing the nipple and areola for a gentle and comfortable pumping experience..Easy Positioning and Transparent Design: Say goodbye to guesswork. Our transparent flanges make it easy to position your nipple accurately, ensuring hassle-free and precise pumping sessions..Cleaning Instructions: For cleaning, cold water or hand washing is recommended. To sterilize, use UV sterilization. Boiling or using a dishwasher may cause discoloration and reduce the item's lifespan.



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