AUTHENTREND ATKey Card - FIDO2 certified Fingerprint Card type Security Key, USB-A port, NFC & Bluetooth to protect online accounts : Azure, Microsoft 365, Google, Gmail, Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter


CONTACLESS NFC CARD: Control access NFC enabled devices for ISO 14443 Mifare Type A (for 13.56MHz NFC reader) reader including smart door lock, NFC readers, iOS and Android NFC and many more, only fingerprint matched, NFC will be turn ON..BLUETOOTH ENABLED: Bluetooth pairing to PC or Mobile Phone as wireless fingerprint authenticator..FIDO CERTIFIED : ATKey.Card is FIDO2 certified and works on multiple OS (Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, iOS, Android) via USB-A/NFC/Bluetooth without extra driver installation, it can work with major browsers for any FIDO enabled web services or applicaitons like Microsoft Azure AD, Microsoft 365, Google accounts, Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, online cryptocurrency exchanges and more..TRUELY PASSWORDLESS: Biometrics is the best "Password" since it is always with you, never forget and not easy to be copied; Passwordless login FIDO enabled services but needs extra PIN code might not be expected scenarios, slightly touch for fingerprint verification is the best way for authentication..STANDALONE FINGERPRINT ENROLLMENT: No proprietary app and driver needed. Register fingerprints on the go. Memorize up to 8 fingerprints. Fast and accurate fingerprint recognition promise a false acceptance rate of < 1/50,000 and false rejection rate of < 2%.



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