Walnut, Raw Flour/Meal, Californian Luscious, Finely Ground, Fresh, Cooking, Baking, Protein, Fiber, Healthy, Breads, Useful, Packed in a Resealable 1 lb. (16 oz.) Pouch bag by Presto Sales LLC


FRESH AND DIVINE: Our Californian flour is made from carefully chosen crispy walnuts straight from the tree. The nuts are perfectly grounded in sterile conditions ensuring we bring you top quality fresh flour. We are bringing you taste and nutrition straight from nature itself..WHOLESOME: Presto Sales LLC is proud to be bringing you an awesome flour full of nourishment. Rich in dietary fiber and protein and is a great source of minerals incl. potassium, zinc and iodine. Prevents arthritis and is essential for proper brain function. In its ground state, our walnut flour makes it easy to add these nutrients to your daily cooking and baking..COOKS TIPS: Walnut flour has a distinctive taste and adds a delicious nutty aroma to your cooking and baking. It can replace some of the wheat flour or almond flour in a recipe to upgrade the nutritional value of the dish and to give it an awesome texture..IDEAS: This flour is amazing as a coating for fish and chicken, fantastic for pancake making, great for baking healthy cookies / cakes or when preparing specialty bread. Add this flour to your daily shake to increase its protein content.SUPER BAG: The amazing bag in which the flour is packed in, has a resealable lock making our product perfect for keeping in your pantry even after first usage. Enjoy our fresh luscious flour with this great advantage.



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