Detail King Aloha Rinseless Car Wash Soap & Wax Quart - Concentrated Compound - Gorgeous Gloss


Safe to use on all exterior surfaces, including paint, glass, plastic, and gel coating. This gentle yet effective compound both cleans dirty surfaces and polishes so that your paint looks like a mirror..Avoid water-wasting with this rinseless wash. No one likes to see a spike in their water bill, especially if you live in a neighborhood with water restrictions. This one-step process eliminates the need for multiple rinses and the hassle of a multi-step process..Make water spots a thing of the past. Nothing is peskier than washing your vehicle only to have it tarnished by water spots. Water spots are especially common in the hot summer months when water evaporates quickly. The Aloha Rinseless Wash and Wax avoids water spots and leaves a streak-free finish..Polymers encapsulate dirt on the surface of your exterior, allowing for a smooth, scratch-free finish. Get the cleaning action of a standard shampoo wash without the soapy mess. Can also be utilized as a clay lubricant..Perfect for keeping your car clean in the winter. Hate the salt and slush that accumulates on your car but don’t want to freeze outside to remove it? This product is easy to use inside your garage when you don’t have the space or ability to rinse and wash outside.



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