Mars Wellness Non Slip Silicone Grip Material Roll - Anti Slip Large Roll - 7.87" X 3' Feet - Cut to Size - Eating Aids, Baking, Crafts, Table, Counter, Drawer or Any Surface - Blue


STRONG GRIP - The Mars Wellness Non Slip Silicone Roll is great for all surfaces. Especially great for preventing movement or spillage due to stabilization or gripping problems, Great daily living aids for independent living and caregivers..LARGE SIZE - The large 7.87" X 3' Feet size makes this the perfect material for many purposes, this size makes it easy to place your entire meal or setting directly on the material. This will help with sudden movements, jitters, or unstable hands. Simply cut out the size needed. This makes it perfect for your drawers or shelf. Simply cut the size needed and keep your goodies in place..MULTIPLE USES - The Mars Wellness Silicone Sheet is perfect for all things non slip. Also works great for cooking, holds mixing bowls and crockery from sliding on the table. Holds kitchen appliances in place and chopping boards in position. Works great as aids for daily living to make sure you and your loved ones are safe. Can also be used for electronic devices like tablets, phones and games to keep in place..PERFECT FOR CRAFTS - The Mars Wellness non slip roll silicone mat is also great for working with crafts. Working with small and sometimes round pieces can cause pieces to get strewn all over, our craft mat can help anchor those pieces in place and keep them on the mat..PREMIUM MATERIAL - The Mars Wellness non slip rolls and mats are created from only the highest quality 100% silicone rubber. The anti-slip table mats are also dishwasher safe as our silicone products can withstand temperatures up to +482°F.



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