VEVOR Pipe Heating Cable, 12 Feet Heat Tape for Water Pipe, 7W/ft Water Line Heat Tape,120V Pipe Heating Tape with Built-in Thermostat, Protects PVC Hose, Metal and Plastic Pipe from Freezing
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Beat the Winter: Treat your pipes right and stand up to the harshest winters. A small investment in a pipe heating cable, a high return in protecting exterior water pipes from freezing. A helper in RV, basements, garages, gardens, crawl spaces, pumphouses, water tanks, outdoor hydrants, pipe valves, faucets, etc. Perfect for water-filled pipes such as PEX, PVC hose, and metal pipes. UL Certified Approved: Our pipe heat cable has 7 W/ft and has rapid heating. It only needs 2 minutes, the temperature rises 70℉ and keeps your pipes protected from -100℉ cold temperatures! You will never have an issue when everyone else has frozen pipes! UL-approved heating cable with IP68 waterproof rate assures 5 years' worth of use. Premium Built-in Thermostat: Thanks to the built-in thermostat with an accuracy of ±1°, the heat tape for water pipes automatically turns on at 43℉/6℃ and stops working at 55℉/13℃. Compared with a heat-shrinking sleeve thermostat, our high-strength injection molding thermostat is much more secure to use. Perfect 12 ft Length: The 12 ft heat cable for pipes has a 2 ft power cord, allowing it to work at long distances. The linear distance between your pipe and the valve is approximately equal to the heating line length. Put the heat tape on as a “protective suit” for your pipe. There is an indicator light on the grounded plug, and it will light when plugged in. Convenient & Smooth Installation: The pre-assembled heat cable needs tiled installation. Do not cross or overlap. The thermostat and the entire heating cable should remain fully in contact with the pipe. It is very easy to install due to its flexibility. Focus on your next big project sooner with our quick installation. We are warmed up and ready! Are you?



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