Diamond Shield Adjustable Extender Straps for Face Masks - 10 Pcs - Skin Friendly Silicone Material - Relieves Ear Pain and Prevent Face Masks from Falling Off - Black/White


STRAP EXTENDER SET: The versatile strap extenders provides additional length to tight face masks to prevent pain and discomfort while staying protected. The set includes 10 pieces of reusable mask ear straps ( 14 cm in length and 1.5 cm in width). The silicone extenders are suitable for children and adults..DURABLE SILICONE MATERIAL: The high-quality silicone material is soft and skin-friendly. The no-skid surface will not cause any soreness or skin irritation. The straps are recommended for long term use..COMFORTABLE AND ADJUSTABLE: The extenders can be adjusted to make the strap longer or even shorter. There are 3 circular buckles available at each end of the strap to allow length adjustment..HOW EXTENDERS WORK: Loop each end of the strap to one of the buckles. Choose the buckle that corresponds to the best fit required. The extenders are reusable, long-lasting and easy to clean..WORKS WITH MOST FACE MASKS: The functional extenders will work with multiple types of face masks with different kinds of straps. The extenders will allow more room to breathe and for face masks to be worn conveniently.



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