Sticky Rice Basket Kratip Small Handmade Natural White Orchid Bamboo Basket Steamer Kitchen in Thailand Laos Keep Warm for Restaurant by Heavens Tvcz


It is a popular and valuable container because it can keep heat very well, while steam can evaporate from the container. Sticky rice is packed in the kra-tip before eating. Thai people have eaten sticky rice by using their own hand to hold each piece of rice to eat with other food..How to use: For serving sticky rice both home and use in restaurant, special gift and for collecting things. Quantity: 1 x Basket Sticky Rice Kratip Small.What is a sticky rice basket This is made from the wisdom of Thai E-San culture . Thai E-San live in the Northeast of Thailand..Size by Approx. Diameter 3.25 inch , Deep 2.00 inch , Height 3.25 inch inches. Weight: 34.00g. This rice basket shows the identity of E-san culture when people have eaten food..Thai E-San have usually eaten sticky rice, which was the favorites rice of them, and the container used to collect sticky rice called 'KRA-TIP' in Thai. A kra-tip container of rice Northeast Thailand in many sizes, from small to large..Unit count type: Ounce