Disc Cleaning & Repair Kit for CD CD-ROM DVD Blu Ray VCD Video Game Movie Music +VCC Micro-Fiber


The polish effectively repairs and fills out scratches to restore CDs back to playable condition. May not be able to bring badly damaged discs back to life..For use with CD CD-ROM DVD Blu Ray VCD Video Game Movie Music etc..When cleaning a disc wipe against the tracks, starting from the middle of the disc and wiping towards the outer side. Never wipe with the tracks; doing so may put more scratches on the disc..Why should you clean your discs? CDs that have been left out of their cases are prone to picking up dust, fingerprints, and assorted smudges, all of which can hinder their ability to play properly. Dirty CDs can cause read errors or cause CDs not to work at all..*Satisfaction Guaranteed* We are happy to resolve any issue with your order. This Kit Include 1x Cleaning Disc Pad 2x Cleaning Micro-Fiber 1x Repair Polish 1X Cleaning Liquid



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