iMBAPrice (3-Pack) DBVC-1 Extra Duty Replacement in-Use Cover for Arlington DBVR1C/DBVS1C/DBVM1C/60VC 1-Gang (Vertical) in Box Electrical Outlet Box - Clear


Replacement Cover, 1-Gang, Vertical, Clear, For Use with Weatherproof-In-Use Box.DBVC-1 Vertical Recessed Electrical Box Replacement Cover for Inbox Electrical Boxes, 1-Gang, Clear, 1-Pack.Additional Features: UV Rated Plastic for Long Outdoor Life.Dimension: 3.42"x 0.37"x 5.65" Meets 2014 NEC Section 406.9; for the protection of exterior outlets which require the use of an extra-duty weatherproof while-in-use cover for all outdoor 15 or 20 AMP receptacles..Compatible List: DBVR1C, DBVS1C, DBVM1C, DBVME1C, DBVMA1C, DBVR131C, DBVR141C, DBVR151C, DBVR171C



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