AmmoSorb Natural Ammonia Small Animal Odor Elimination Granules, 2-lb bottle
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Help create a safe environment for you and your pets with AmmoSorb Natural Ammonia Small Animal Odor Elimination Granules. Even a low-level of ammonia can be potentially harmful to people and pets. Symptoms can range from respiratory distress, weight gain and even feed efficiency loss. These granules are designed to help absorb, neutralize and encapsulate ammonia along with ammonium ions for safer disposal. You can either sprinkle the granules on the spill and allow to absorb or you can place them in an open container and place the container near the spill to help capture the ammonia odors. This formula is completely non-toxic, safe, recyclable, reusable, natural, odorless, non-flammable and non-caustic. And you can also feel good knowing that it’s also free of harmful or ozone depleting chemicals and is made without fossil fuels.



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