for Garage Door Screen Magic Tapes, Self Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape Sticky Back Fastening Roll, Nylon Self-Adhesive Heavy Duty Strips Fastener (1.57Inch x 19.7 Feet (6m) & 0.78Inch x 19.7 Feet (6m))


[Versatile Design] - The 2 packs of White color magic tapes come in two different sizes, 1.57 Inch (4cm) x 19.7 Ft (6m) (Width x Length) (for securing the top of the screen door) and 0.78 Inch (2cm) x 19.7 Ft (6m) (Width x Length) (for securing both sides of the screen door) , giving you the flexibility to use them for various applications on your garage door screen..[Suitable for a Wide Range of Garage Screen Door Sizes] - The 2 packs of magic tapes can use for all Width Range 8ft ~ 18ft and Height Range 7ft ~ 9ft garage door screen. It means our 2 packs magic tapes can use for 8x7ft, 8x8ft, 9x7ft, 9x8ft, 10x7ft, 10x8ft, 12x7ft, 12x8ft, 16x7ft, 16x8ft, 18x7ft Garage Door Screens and so on..[Super Strong Hold] - Our magic tapes feature a heavy-duty self-adhesive back that provides a secure and long-lasting hold for your garage door screen. No more worries about it coming loose or falling off!.[Easy to Use] - The self-adhesive hook and loop design makes installation a breeze. Simply cut the tape to your desired length, peel the backing off, and stick it onto your garage door screen. No additional tools or hardware required..[Durable and Reliable] - Made from high-quality nylon, our magic tapes are built to last. They are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring they will hold up to daily use and withstand the elements..[Multi-Purpose Fastening] - Not only are these magic tapes perfect for securing your garage door screen, but they can also be used for organizing cables, mounting signs, securing curtains, and much more. A versatile solution for all your fastening needs..[Clean and Damage-Free] - Unlike traditional fastening methods that require drilling or nailing, our magic tapes offer a clean and damage-free alternative. No more holes or marks on your garage door..[Adjustable and Reusable] - Need to make adjustments to your garage door screen? No problem! The hook and loop design allows for easy adjustments, and the tapes can be reused multiple times without losing their effectiveness..[Strong Adhesion] - Thanks to the sticky back adhesive, our magic tapes provide a reliable grip on various surfaces, including metal, plastic, wood, and fabric. Count on them to hold strong, no matter the material..[Satisfaction Guaranteed] - We are confident in the quality of our magic tapes and offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us, and we will make it right.



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