Save On Postage Ink E-Z Seal Sealing Solution - Sealing Solution for DM Series Mailing System - PB E-Z Seal- Postage Meter Sealing Solution (4 Pack - 1/2 Gallon)


Compatible PB Sealing Solution: Use Save On Postage Ink for all your DM series mailing system solutions today! Our 4 pack of envelope moistener is compatible for PB machines. Plus, our 1/2 gallon bottles of are easy to handle and can refill a reservoir or an existing E-Z seal container. Buy with assurance, knowing that we offer full warranty protection and we will pay for machine damage, if any occurs..Save Money Without Voiding Warranty: Our Compatible PB E-Z seal sealing solution is a certified sealing solution, professionally formulated and will NOT void your mail machine warranty. Buying unverified solution puts you AT RISK for machine damage. Our postage machine sealing solution is compatible and can easily replace your Compatible PB sealing solution at a fraction of the cost..Ready to Use: Our sealing solution for postage machine costs less than any competitor out there AND outperforms! Our mail machine sealing solution is compatible and ready to use, so you can ship with ease. See why our customers always come back for our Compatible PB E-Z seal postage meter sealing solution..No Risk to You: Our risk-free certified sealing solution is suitable for use within the intended models of postage meters, and free of anything that could harm your equipment. We are so confident in their safety and effectiveness that if your mail machine is damaged by one of our products, we will not only give you a refund, we will pay for any reasonable charges associated with the repair of your machine. Make sure to check the description for more information..About Us: SAVE ON POSTAGE INK: Our Company is a leader in the postage meter supplies industry that sells supplies all over the United States. We have over 36 years of experience in the mailing industry, and our main focus is our commitment to superior service and customer satisfaction. Our focus has helped us establish an unequaled reputation within the mailing industry.



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