Bab Louie Orange Bitters with Zero-Sugar and Caffeine-free -1 Oz, 11 Servings Bitters for Cocktails, Non-Alcoholic Craft Bitters, Distinct Citrus Notes, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Negroni, Sidecar, Gin and Tonic based Cocktails, Cocktail Mixer, Versatile One-step Cocktail


SHELF LIFE- This flavoured cocktail mix is non-GMO & gluten-free. Contains no alcohol. Best used within 11-12 months . Perfectly shake before using.MADE FROM 15 SPECIAL BOTANICALS- Bab Louie Bitters are a blend of 15 Special botanicals sourced from across India . We use ingredients like fruits, herbs, spices and roots sourced from the local Indian farms and handpicked with love by Bab & Louie..VERSATILE PAIRINGS- Our Bitters can be added to bubble water/ tea and can enhance your favourite spirits for world-class cocktails. It’ll add new depth to any cocktail and has the versatility to pair with whiskey, bourbon, vodka, rum, and gin.Some cocktail recommendations by Bab & Louie for these bitters are Gin & Tonics , Screwdrivers , Old Fashioned , Negroni , Bitters & Flavoured Tonics , Sidecar , Manhattan etc . Also acts as a great replacement for Cointreau as well..AGED IN OAK WHISKEY BARRELS- Bab & Louie age their bitters at moderate temperature in European Oak Barrels. Bab Louie Bitters are handmade, small-batch bitters made using organic ingredients. Guess we're obsessed with making the best handcrafted bitters around at Bab Louie's.NATURAL & FRESH BOTANICALS- Bab Louie Bitters are hand-crafted Non-Alcoholic Bitters that are made with good quality fresh and organic fruits, herbs & spices and roots. All our bitters are crafted from Indian Spices and herbs, aiming to preserve the Legacy of Indian Herbs, Spices & Culture. Each of our bitters is non-GMO & gluten-free and made with no added sugar, making our bitters calorie free.



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