DiCUNO 3 in 1 E26 Light Socket Splitter Adapter, Standard Base LED Bulb Converter, 360 Degrees Adjustable 180 Degree Bendable, 3 Way Bulbs Socket Holder


✔ Max Wattage: 180W (60W for each socket). Voltage Range: 0-250V. Triple lamp-holders are suitable for any standard E26 base bulbs..✔ Adjustable Socket: Three in one E26 light socket adapter allows 3 bulbs installed to one socket. Each socket can be 360° rotated and 180° bended, convenient for you to adjust the lighting angle according to you needs..✔ High Quality: CE certificated. Made of PBT fireproof material, anti-aging and anti-burning. 200℃ heat resistant. Safe and durable. No fire hazard. ▲ Please keep it out of enclosed fixtures to ensure good heat dissipation..✔ Easy Installation: Simply screw the socket adapter into E26 socket, then screw in E26 bulbs. No need of install tools..✔ Wide Application: Fit perfectly for Home, Office, Hallway, Exhibitions, Workshops, Restaurants, Hotels, Art Galleries, etc. Great solution to brighten up an area for adding extra light.



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