Proper Living Weighted Blanket | 20 lbs
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Relieve anxiety and simulate the feeling of being held or hugged with the Proper Living Weighted Blanket allowing you to relax and find comfort so sleep comes easier. The Proper Weighted Blanket features sterilized micro glass beads uniformly distributed throughout the blanket to ensure balanced weight distribution to the blanket. A comfortable solution for relaxation and sleep the Proper Weighted Blanket brings a sense of peace and calm to the body and mind ideal for winding down and relaxing for sleep. What Makes a Product SleepScore Approved? Products approved by SleepScore have been through hands on review by the experts at SleepScore Labs so you can be confident these products work. Over half of all products that SleepScore reviews do not pass the rigorous criteria set by their experts so you can trust the quality of solutions with the Seal of Approval. | Proper Living Weighted Blanket | 20 lbs


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