Spy Spot Magnetic Mount Weatherproof Case for GPS Trackers - Stash Lock Box for Items, Key Holder Under Vehicles - Fits GL200, GL 300, GL300W, GL300MA


Magnetic weather and weatherproof case - covertly stash valuables, GPS tracking device, fobs, cash, jewelry, safe from the environment. Can be used as magnetic key box.Magnetic holder for under car with twin neodymium magnets: strong magnet lock box can be used to attach underneath a vehicle or any other magnetic surface.Discrete case can hide all items to protect and keep valuables safe: weatherproof case can withstand precipitation such as rain and snow. Protect your valuables from any unexpected weather damage.No installation: simply place key or GPS tracker (NOT INCLUDED) in case and attach to clean metal surface in any environment.Fits several GPS tracker models including GL200, GL 300, GL300W, GL300MA, and more. The dimension of magnet key box for under car are 3.3 x 2.7 x 1.8 inches



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