VingoBow 4/4 Size Pernambuco Cello Bow For Concerto Level! Well Balanced Warm Tone and Nice Flexibility, Art No.860C


FOR CONCERT USE - The Pernambuco cello bow is built by old experienced bowmaker and offers you warm and deep tone. It's a very popular wooden bow in our company, used premium natural horsehair with great contractility, easier to be rosined and more durable..ELEGANT DESIGN - In the concert cello arch, you can see roundish Pernambuco, full nickel silver mounted bony frog decorated with natural abalone shell showing beautiful peacock flower pattern. And fully mounted and fitted by nickel silver. Genuine cow leather grip, elegant nickel silvery thread winding. Very charming looking..PERNAMBUCO - The 4/4 sized cello arch has Pernambuco stick in round shape, air dried more than ten years. It's approx. 80g and 71.5cm. A very good bow for medium and up level players..GREAT BALANCE POINT - As you know, balance point is very important for a bow. Great balance point enables players easier to control it. Our maker always adjusts it for several times to ensure its point is in the right range..WELL HANDMADE - The Popular Vingobow Concert Level Pernambuco Cello Bow is totally made by old experienced bowmaker with traditional handcraft work. The reliable bow is a quality piece as well as durable. Fast action, response with warm sound.



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