KIMORE Portable Fee Oil Drain,18 Gallon Waste Oil Container for Steel Oil Change Pan with Brake Wheels, Liquid Level Indicator Tube, Oil Cart for Oil Drain, Funnel Drain


18 GALLON CAPACITY: This waste oil container has a capacity of 18 gallons and can collect waste oil from 6-10 cars. It works pneumatically to empty the waste oil from the tank in a short period of time. Great for draining, transferring and emptying oils and liquids..FLUID LEVEL LINK DISPLAY TUBE: With the addition of the liquid level linkage display tube outside the cylinder, you can easily know the level of the oil in the tank, and you can better perceive its usage so that you can change and replenish the oil in time. The standard shop air pressure is enough to empty the used liquid in the tank quickly, which will save your time and energy greatly..ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The 18-gallon oil change pan features a variety of adjustable heights from 39.37 to 63.78 inches for draining fluids from vehicles on lifts. Capable of properly accomplishing the collection of automotive waste oil. Ideal for perfectly accomplished collection of automotive waste oil in factories, auto repair shops and homes..LARGE DIAMETER FUNNEL: The doil drain tank in the shape of the Fee Oil Tank Funnel has been purposely enlarged to a diameter of 17.8 inches, which is much larger than other products of the same model on the market. This makes the large funnel perfect for transferring oil and effectively preventing waste oil from overflowing, the bottom of the funnel in the oil catching basin is made of movable strainer (different from other welded type), with embedded filter paper to strengthen and realize the real filtration function..STABLE MOBILITY: The oil pans for changing oil contains two directional wheels and two swivel casters, while the grip handle is also designed to be fixed on the side of the directional wheels for maximum mobility. In addition, the two swivel casters also carry brakes, which will be more flexible in the workspace, making it easy for you to move forward and stop during use.



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