The Meditation Experiment Oracle Card Deck Sampler Pack: 22 Mystery Oracle Cards with Meanings on Them from Assortment of Different Decks, for Beginners and Experts


An oracle reading and a deck in one; every single one of our oracle card divination sets is unique, one of a kind and hand picked. For that reason, the deck itself can serve as an overall reading for your life and it can also be used on a daily basis as a regular fortune telling deck.Our unique oracle card deck includes 22 randomly selected cards from several different oracle, tarot, motivational, manifestation and mindfulness decks to create a unique and supernatural experience to add to your fortune telling rituals.Your set will come in a beautifully designed black velvet pouch with gold stamp measuring 6" 9" inches. Each card included inside is nicely illustrated and contains messages of guidance, inspiration, and wisdom and a vast array of symbols, images, and meanings..Oracle card for beginners and experts alike! This unique set of oracle cards with meanings on them is easy enough for anyone to use! Oracle cards are believed to tap into the wisdom of the universe and can connect with your angels, ancestors and spirit guides in order to receive knowledge, wisdom and guidance about hidden truth in your life.The perfect oracle cards for beginners- Thousands of oracle card decks exist on the market today making it hard to know where to begin. Our unique set uses cards from various decks, like a create your own oracle card deck, giving you the opportunity to sample new cards without having to buy a full deck.



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