Energy Tea Powder | High Caffeine | Energy Drink Instant Mix | Nutrient Dense Guayusa Tea from the Amazon Jungle, Cousin of Yerba Mate | Organic Pre Workout | Sustainable Mood Boosting Natural Energy (Berry Blast)


Energy and focus: Guayusa tea is known for its high caffeine content and unique nutrients that provide a natural boost without the crash or jitters of synthetic energy drinks or coffee. Guayusa is a powerful antioxidant and adaptogen, helping your body handle stress and fatigue. Our Energy Tea is made from organic guayusa leaves, which are responsibly sourced from the Amazon regions and sustainably grown among the jungle by local family farmers..Each sip packed with flavor and delicousness!.Easy to use: Our Energy Tea comes in a jar with a 1 tbsp scoop, making it easy to mix with water and go! Each scoop has 60mg naturally occuring caffeine! Use 1 scoop or a few depending on the caffeine level you want. 3 scoops gets you 180mg of caffeine equal to a large energy drink but with no added synthetic caffeine - a true BUZZ!.Use as a pre-workout for a mood lifting, focus enhancing, energy boost and still sleep good at night!.Sweetened with Organic Agave Powder - low glycemic and completely natural, no other sweeteners!.Great for Morning Buzz, Afternoon Kick, Work Motivation, Game Focus, or a Pre-Workout Pump!.We DO NOT ADD caffeine from other sources like most popular yerba mate and energy tea products currently on the market. A difference you can feel!



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