New White Royale Premium Perfection Kit, User Friendly Smart LED Mouthpiece and 3 Whitening pens with 9% HPS Whitening Gel, 30-45 Uses, Made in Netherlands


Comprehensive Whitening Kit: The White Royale Premium Perfection+ Kit includes 3 whitening pens infused with our advanced 9% Hydrogen Peroxide Superior whitening gel. This comprehensive kit provides you with everything you need for a complete whitening treatment, targeting troublesome stains and discolorations..Enhanced Whitening Experience: Experience a new level of whitening with the state-of-the-art Smart LED Mouthpiece included in the kit. By seamlessly interacting with the 9% HPS whitening gel, this innovative technology maximizes the transformative effects and delivers astonishingly fast results. Simply slide the mouthpiece into your mouth, select your preferred LED mode, and let it work its magic..Convenient and User-Friendly: Designed with simplicity in mind, the White Royale Premium Perfection+ Kit is incredibly user-friendly. With just a simple twist of the pen, a small drop of the HPS whitening gel elegantly appears on the bristles. The gel can be directly applied to your teeth, making it easy to target specific areas and achieve precise results..Long-Lasting Whitening Formula: The groundbreaking formula of the whitening gel eliminates the need for refrigeration, ensuring the product's efficacy and potency while offering convenience. Rest assured that the gel will maintain its effectiveness throughout the whitening process, preserving its power to transform your smile..Exceptional Results and Confidence: Join the countless users who have achieved mesmerizing smiles and unrivaled confidence through our premium teeth whitening products. With the White Royale Premium Perfection+ Kit, you can unlock the radiance within your smile and experience the unmatched brilliance that sets us apart from the rest. Place your order today and indulge in the captivating beauty of your whiter, brighter smile!



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