Statue Of Joseph & Mother Mary with Baby Jesus


Nataraja, “the divine dancer”, is the embodiment of cosmic balance and spirituality. Encircled by a fiery halo, Lord Nataraja stands upon a pedestal, a symbol of purity. In his upper left hand, he wields “Agni”, the elemental force of creation and destruction, a reminder of life’s cyclical nature. A “Cobra” unfurls from his lower right forearm, while his “Abhaya mudra” radiates fearlessness, dispelling dread and ignorance that cling to devoted souls on their path of righteousness.His bent lower left hand, crossing his chest, conceals his heart, pointing to his feet, symbolising peace and salvation. Nataraja’s left foot in “gajahasta” signifies liberation, while his right foot crushes the “Dwarf Apasmara Purusha”, dispelling illusion and ignorance. This brass artwork embodies the dance of the cosmos, where creation, destruction, fearlessness, and salvation interweave in a harmonious, eternal rhythm.