Khombu Atwood Waterproof Hiking Boots for Men Aggresive Lug Pattern Rugged & Hardy Structure, Forged Iron, 10


Outfitting Adventurers - Whether your route is in the Appalachian or high up on Mount Whitney, Khombu's Atwood lightweight waterproof hiking boots will enable you to push through to the summits and bag longer loops than ever before, without ever sacrificing support..Rugged & Hardy - Whether you're trekking through Arches National Park's gorgeous scenery or going to your favorite camping location, our mens ankle length boots can handle anything. It features a nylon barrier to keep your feet dry, rubber outsoles grip unsteady terrain, cushioned collars for ankle support, and toe bumpers that protect against abrasions..Dependable Durability - When you're exploring nature's beauty, it's important to be prepared for anything. That includes a good pair of men's hiking shoes that won't let you down when the trail gets rocky and rugged. There are many great brands out there but our durable construction is unmatched!.Less Blisters - We know that when you're looking to hit the trails, blisters are the last thing you want bring home. We've got you covered with our specially designed heel stabilizer that helps reduce heel slip and means less time on your feet cursing the blister gods!.Our Promise - Be the pioneer of your own adventure—blaze trails, take the mountain route, traverse steep grades—with the Khombu Atwood men's hiking & trekking shoes. We guarantee your satisfaction, or we'll happily replace them for free—and they're also backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty to give you peace of mind in every step.



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