DS THE DISPLAY STORE Candy Display Rack, Black 3-Row Countertop Snack Cart, Portable Retail Potato Chip Bag Holder, Sweets Organizer Stand for Party


PERFECT RETAIL SNACK DISPLAY UNIT - Our rack is a great way to display your top-selling products on a cashier’s desk or countertop so customers squeeze one more thing in their shopping baskets. It’s a great tool for small businesses trying to increase their retail shopping sales or for pop-up shops packing as much as they can onto a concession-stand table.EXCELLENT DISPLAY RACK FOR RETAIL STORES - Whether you’re in charge of a pop-up concession stand or own a small food retail shop - this clip hanger display unit will help you boost sales. Set it up on a counter to encourage last-minute buyers or as a stand-alone feature – it’s extremely compact with spring clips that make product rotation a breeze.SPEEDY TRANSPORTATION AND EASY ASSEMBLY - We know your event planning can’t wait, so our team ships to your doorstep as fast as possible. We’ve designed the rack with straightforward assembly in mind so you can get set up in minutes. Follow our simple instructions to erect the stand with ease or pack it up when on the move between events.DOUBLE STRUCTURE FOR STABILITY - This rack needs to support your products with ease, so we’ve implemented a base that prevents shaking under pressure. With the secure joining system, you can make this display unit look professional and permanent despite its convenient mobility.DESIGNED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE - Whether you’re displaying candy or potato chips, you can pack your rack to the brim by taking advantage of our carefully designed structure. It takes up very little table or ground space but can support what you need to show off for years to come