Nerf Pro Gelfire Ignitor Blaster, 1,000 Gelfire Rounds, 60 Round Capacity, T-Pull Priming, Eyewear
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BURST INTO BATTLE WITH NERF PRO GELFIRE BLASTERS: The blasters fire hydrated rounds that burst on impact and deliver high-performance blasting to ignite your competitive advantage. Ages 14 and up NERF PRO GELFIRE IGNITOR BLASTER: This single fire blaster packs plenty of power in its compact size, making it a great sidekick in battle INCLUDES 1,000 NERF PRO DEHYDRATED GELFIRE ROUNDS: Add water to hydrate the soft super absorbent polymer projectiles. No pick-up needed 150 FPS: Unleash 1 round at time from this single-fire blaster at a velocity of 150 feet per second* 60-ROUND CAPACITY: The Ignitor blaster holds up to 60 hydrated Nerf Pro Gelfire rounds NERF PRO GELFIRE BLASTERS ARE GREAT GIFTS FOR TEENS: They deliver high-performance blasting to ignite your competitive advantage! Each sold separately, subject to availability