Female/Male Mannequin,39-56/42-59 Inch Height Adjustable Torso Dress Form Sewing Manikin Dress Model Mannequin Stand Mannequin Display Head Dress Mannequin Clothing Form Metal Base Stand (42-59 Inch)


STANDARD MANNEQUIN—The full body mannequin was designed to fit a standard figure, Height: 42-59",Chest: 38",Waist: 30",The mannequin has perfect figure,and the sewing dress forms is only 9.7 pounds,mannequin is portable and you can easily move it..STABLE METAL BASE—The large rectangular chassis has enough area to support the mannequin and it has a aluminum rod as a support rod, which can ensure the stableness and sturdiness of the mannequin.It ensures the stability and robustness of the mannequin. Mannequin display stand perfect show the clothing..ADJUSTABLE MANNEQUIN POSTUR—Every part of the mannequin is detachable and flexible for easy dressing. Mannequin body head, arms is adjustable and easy for you to switch into any posture as you like.And you can match the clothes yourself through the vivid mannequin stand..DURABLE MANNEQUIN—The mannequin model is made of high-quality PP material, and Every step is carefully crafted,to better display the effect of trying on clothes..EASY TO SETUP—The human body model is easy to install, and the high-strength carton is well packed, which can better protect the human body model. All the accessories of the mannequin are included in the carton. This dress form mannequins can be installed in ten minutes without any tools.