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Bring a true Stroke of Genius to your short game with the Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter. Designed to challenge established putter design norms, Stroke Lab Putters incorporate a unique new method of weight distribution to improve backswing length, face angle, head speed and tempo. The multi-material, tip-heavy graphite/steel shaft combines with sole and grip weighting to increase feel for the putter head. Legendary White Hot sound and feel combines with the accuracy and distance control of Microhinge to create the feedback and roll demanded by the world’s best. "I can’t believe how smooth it feels. I feel like my hands and arms are more connected and attached to the putter head." Alex Noren, Professional Golfer | Callaway Staff Athlete Odyssey Stroke Lab One Putter: Rounded, heel-toe weighted blade with Odyssey’s multi-material Stroke Lab shaft, crank-neck hosel and a White Hot Microhinge face insert. Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters – A Stroke of Genius: Designed to challenge common, well-established putter norms with innovative ideas that promote better performance Stroke Lab Putters incorporate a unique method of weight distribution designed to improve the physical dynamics of the stroke Engineered to help improve the golfer’s stroke – including backswing length, face angle, head speed and overall stroke tempo Stroke Lab’s profound change in weight distribution increases feel for the putter head to help golfers repeat a smooth stroke White Hot Microhinge Face Insert – Smooth Roll and Accurate Distance Control: Iconic White Hot sound and feel combine with accuracy and distance control from Microhinge Odyssey’s timeless White Hot insert delivers the crisp sound and feel desired by the world’s best Microhinge provides gains in topspin at impact to enhance accuracy, consistency and distance control Multi-Material Stroke Lab Shaft and Grip Components: Tip-heavy Stroke Lab graphite/steel shaft relocates weight into each end of the putter to elevate performance dynamics Stroke Lab shaft is slightly stiffer and lower torque compared to standard putter shafts for better control of the heavier head Additional weight in the sole and butt end of the grip helps golfers consistently repeat a smoother, more accurate putting stroke Odyssey Stroke Lab Pistol Putter Grip features a midsize profile and traditional pistol shaping to promote player-preferred feel Odyssey Stroke Lab Oversize Putter Grip features a jumbo profile and non-taper shaping to promote even grip pressure Exclusive Interview with Sean Toulon, Senior Vice President, Callaway and Odyssey:


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