Aer1 Filter Replacement for Holmes Air Purifiers, 2 True HEPA Filters + 4 Carbon Booster Filters, HAPF30AT


­čŹâPackage includes: 2 True HEPA Filters + 4 Carbon Booster Pre-Filters. Designed to fit aer1 ready air purifiers´╝îReplaces A Filter´╝îD Filter´╝îK Filter. Compare to Holmes aer1 hepa-type total air filter HAPF30AT..­čŹâCompatible with Bionaire UNITS´╝ÜBAP260, BAP815, BAP825, BAP9200, BAP9700, BAP520, BAP 9417, BAP9427, BAP9435­čŹâPackage may vary..­čŹâCompatible with Holmes UNITS´╝ÜCAP531-U´╝îCAP529-U´╝îHAP240´╝îHAP242´╝îHAP412´╝îHAP422´╝îHAP424´╝îHAP702´╝îHAP706´╝îHAP716´╝îHAP1702´╝îHAP2400´╝îHAP9240´╝îHAP9241´╝îHAP9242´╝îHAP9243´╝îHAP9412´╝îHAP9413´╝îHAP9414´╝îHAP9415´╝îHAP9422´╝îHAP9423´╝îHAP9424´╝îHAP9425.­čŹâCARBON BOOSTER PRE-FILTER´╝ÜAbsorbs household odor from pets, cooking and smoking. And traps larger air contaminants like hair and lint..­čŹâTRUE HEPA FILTER WITH H13 GRADE´╝ÜCaptures 99. 97% of pollutants as small as 0. 3 ╬╝m such as dust´╝îpet dander. True HEPA Filter keep your Holmes air purifier working at its full capacity.



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