Plastic Table Tennis Paddles - Pong Racket - Indoor Sport Equipment & Accessories for Kids, Family, & Home Game Room - Available in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Orange (Purple)


LET'S BOUNCE: While table tennis is an Olympic Sport, most just want to play for fun. These are the bare-bones paddles to keep in your court. No frills or extra layers. Let your skill do the talking.PLASTIC PADDLE: Low maintenance alternative to wood or rubber paddles, which require specific cleaning. This paddle is for those who just want a casual game of pong with no strings attached.TEXTURED HANDLE: Rigid grooves along the handle gives a secure grip for when the game gets heated and palms get sweaty.6 VIBRANT COLORS: Choose from red, green blue, yellow, purple, and orange so you always know which team to root for. Available in a pair or 6-pack.PLAY ANYWHERE: Great item to keep in stock for rec rooms, playrooms, in-home gaming tables, college dorms, and employee breakrooms



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