Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera, Lilac Purple, w/Accessory Kit & 4x Film

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Capture Life's Vibrancy with Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Instant Film Camera Dynamic Color Palette & User-Friendly Design Illuminate your moments with the super vibrant INSTAX MINI 12. Bursting with vivaciousness, creativity, and color, this iconic camera stands out in a palette of five mesmerizing shades: Pastel Blue, Mint Green, Blossom Pink, Lilac Purple, and Clay White. Beyond its aesthetic charm, its user-friendly controls guarantee a seamless photography experience. Effortless Operation & Ingenious Selfie Mode Life moves quickly, and the INSTAX MINI 12 is designed to keep pace. A swift twist of its lens brings it to life, while another twist propels you straight into the Close-up mode, ideally crafted for capturing stunning selfies. The incorporation of an impeccably positioned selfie mirror and automatic flash control makes every self-portrait memorable, celebrating you as a true selfie connoisseur. Precise Viewfinder & Parallax Correction Delve deeper into the Close-up mode, and you're introduced to an intuitive feature: as the viewfinder synchronizes with the lens, you witness a flawless reflection of your envisioned shot. Eliminate the annoyance of unexpected object shifts in the final image, thanks to the impeccable parallax correction. The proximity to your subject is of utmost significance, and with this camera, precision is paramount. High-Quality Prints & Automatic Exposure Bid farewell to tedious setting adjustments. The automatic exposure assures radiant photos, demanding nothing more than a simple aim and click from you. Once captured, witness the magic as your INSTAX MINI photo emerges in a mere five seconds, reaching its full glory in approximately 90 seconds. This efficiency does not compromise on quality, guaranteeing snapshots that are worth cherishing. Digital Integration with INSTAX UP! App After encapsulating your memories, power down your INSTAX MINI 12 with a gentle twist of the lens. However, the adventure extends beyond the physical realm. Introducing the complimentary INSTAX UP! App for Smartphones, a platform allowing you to digitalize, edit, tag, and share your cherished INSTAX images, ensuring they're just a tap away, anytime, anywhere.Are you set to capture, cherish, and share? The INSTAX MINI 12 awaits.



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