MacSports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon (Straps Only, Black)


Doubles the Fill Capacity - Stack even more goods in any Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon using the cargo straps to firmly secure coolers, tool boxes, food, and more.Sturdy and Reliable - Durable plastic clips paired with polypropylene straps give our wagon straps resistance to scratches and increased friction to keep your items in place.Versatile Straps - Extends Between 40 - 60 Inches. Tighten and loosen straps to more tightly secure your goods in your Mac Sports Wagon..Use on Any Wagon - Designed for Mac Sports Wagons but easily used with any utility carts or collapsible wagons of similar size.What you Get - Included are 2 wagon straps that extend between 40-60 inches to secure your goods. Enough for just about anyone, and when finished, easily store the straps back in your wagon



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