Pocket Hose Expandable Boat & RV White 50 Ft Hose Turbo Shot Nozzle Multiple Spray Patterns 3/4 in Solid Aluminum Lead-Free Fittings Lightweight and No-Kink


Lightweight and Made for RVs and Marine Vessels: the makers of Pocket Hose are at it again, this time with a special white RV & Marine version to join the expanding hose line! It’s perfect for RVs, marine vessels, like boats, and food trucks. The lightweight design is easy to move, whether you’re hosing down the deck of your boat or filling up your water tank in the RV..Drinking Water-Safe: when you’re on the open road or open water, you need to make sure you have plenty of drinking water to cook and clean with. Pocket Hose RV & Marine is lead-free and drinking water-safe, so you can fill up water tanks for drinking water in the RV, boat, food truck, and more!.Lead-Free: Pocket Hose RV & Marine features lead-free connectors that make this RV hose suitable for drinking and to use for cooking..Stores Easily: you’re limited on space in your RV or boat. Don’t waste it by storing a bulky hose. Pocket Hose RV & Marine is easy to store. It’s designed to coil up and store in a drawer, cubby, on a shelf, and pretty much anywhere else you have storage on your vessel..White Color: Regular black hoses can cause unsightly scuff marks on your boat’s deck. Pocket Hose RV & Marine is white to help prevent scuff marks!



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