Rhode Island Novelty 1.5" Blistercard Metal Hand Buzzer, One per Order


Contents - One Blistercard hand buzzer..Fun - With a 1.5-inch blister card metal hand buzzer, endless fun awaits! Sneakily shock friends, family, or coworkers with unexpected buzzes, creating laughter-filled moments of surprise and delight. Compact and mischievous, it's the perfect tool for adding a spark of amusement to any gathering..Occasions - This toy adds zing to various occasions! Liven up parties with unexpected shocks, break the ice at gatherings with playful pranks, or simply enjoy spontaneous laughter with friends. Its compact size makes it a versatile companion for any event or celebration..Gift Idea - Looking for a unique gift that guarantees laughter? Consider this 1.5-inch blister card metal hand buzzer! Perfect for pranksters and jokesters alike, it's a compact and amusing present that promises endless giggles and memorable moments for any occasion..Ages 5+ - This toy is recommended for ages 5 and up.