Hugh Grant Collection: The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill And Came Down A Mountain / Sirens / Rowing With The Wind / Restoration
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"The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill And Came Down A Mountain": Comedy favorite Hugh Grant stars as a young man who offends an entire town by declaring their mountain - a prized landmark - to be a "hill." But soon he finds the eccentric locals, led by a witty innkeeper will stop at nothing to defend their honor! While the townspeople rally around their "mountain," a fiery young woman charms the puzzled out-of-towner into seeing things their way! "Sirens": The charming Hugh Grant plays an idealistic young minister on a mission. He must tame the wicked ways of a notorious artist (Sam Neill), whose nude paintings of his beautiful models (including sexy supermodel Elle MacPherson) scandalize the nation! Intent on delivering salvation, the repressed reverend and his wife instead are led into temptation by their playfully seductive hosts and sensuous new surroundings! "Rowing With The Wind": While visiting friends at a secluded estate, an extraordinary woman envisions a terrifying beast that turns into a human creation! From that moment on, she is powerless to stop the relentless torment of her sinister brainchild... a living nightmare that threatens to destroy all that she loves! "Restoration": Robert Merivel (Robert Downey Jr.) is a young man who seems to have everything ... until a passionate affair leads to scandal, suddenly leaving him heartbroken and penniless. But it's only after losing it all that Merivel discovers who he really is and - with the love of a beautiful woman (Meg Ryan) - becomes the man he never dreamed he could be.



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