Men's Ghostbusters Plus Size Costume
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You'd think it was a simple job, sucking up ghosts with your proton pack. Okay, with terms like ectoplasm, ethereo-spatial rift, and plasmic resonance ghost busting is never going to be simple. That being said, this Halloween, you shouldn't be afraid to follow an unexpected career turn. The job might not be simple but it'll certainly be interesting. Want to do this gig justice? Don't think about the complicated science behind that high-tech backpack of yours, leave the complicated facts to the scientists. Whatever you do, just don't cross proton streams, that would be bad. When you put on this iconic tan jumpsuit you don't have to worry about questionable career choices. Your job is no longer about salary or an honorable title. Nope, not anymore. You're simply sucking up rogue spooks. Sure, it's a tough job to describe at your next High School reunion and it's a dirty job (that Psychomagnotheric slime is hard to wash off!) but if it weren't for people like you, who would we call when there's something strange in our neighborhood? You'll be the picture of a hero when you show up to that Halloween haunted house in this Ghostbuster's uniform. The tan jumpsuit has the classic anti-ghost symbol on the chest and arm. It even includes an inflatable proton pack so you'll be ready to go on a mission as soon as you get your delivery. Sure, Ghost busting might be an interesting way to use your hard earned law degree but chasing down Slimer might just be more exciting than those tedious hours of paperwork!


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