Magnum Ice Cream Tub, White Chocolate Vanilla - 14.8 oz
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Enjoy Magnum by the spoonful. New Magnum tubs is an indulgent, frozen treat years in the making. But some pleasures are worth the wait. Designed with special care and attention for a unique chocolate experience in every bite, this White Chocolate Vanilla ice cream is perfect for dessert or any occasion. Squeeze the pack and crack the thick Magnum chocolate shell that envelops the delicious ice cream. There you will find cracking Magnum chocolate shards throughout the tub, so you can have a rich and intense chocolate experience in every spoonful. The result is the perfect combination of delicious ice cream flavors and textures in every bite. Each ice cream pint is made with our signature Belgian chocolate. Our recipe has an outstanding reputation for its smooth, rich flavor and tempting chocolate aroma. It's recognized around the world because of its meticulous adherence to Old World' craftsmanship. Our premium ice cream is crafted in this rich heritage. While still warm, this delicious coating wraps around our silky ice creams, instantly cooling to leave our signature solid, thick shell ready and waiting to be cracked. Varieties include Milk Chocolate Vanilla, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, White Chocolate Vanilla, Milk Chocolate Almond, Milk Chocolate Mocha, and Dark Chocolate Mint. Serving Suggestion: For optimum cracking, allow Magnum ice cream pints to soften for 10 minutes. Squeeze the sides of the pack and listen for the signature crack. Sink your spoon into the rich, chocolate disc that tops the tub and indulge. Magnum White Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream Tub combines silky vanilla ice cream with thick white chocolate pieces, all surrounded by a crackling layer of white chocolate.; A delicious and indulgent frozen treat made with Belgian Chocolate and 26% cacao, white chocolate.; The only ice cream tub 100% surrounded by a crunchy chocolate shell outer layer.; For optimum cracking of Magnum's signature chocolate shell, let Magnum ice cre


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