The Lost Christmas Eve (CD)
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Album: Lost Christmas Eve? Number of Discs: 1 Artist: Trans?Siberian Orchestra, Total Tracks: 23,? Track Number 1, Track Name: Faith Noel, Track Length: 4:32,? Track Number 2, Track Name: The Lost Christmas Eve, Track Length: 5:33,? Track Number 3, Track Name: Christmas Dreams, Track Length: 3:54,? Track Number 4, Track Name: Wizards In Winter, Track Length: 3:50,? Track Number 5, Track Name: Remember, Track Length: 3:25,? Track Number 6, Track Name: Anno Domine, Track Length: 2:13,? Track Number 7, Track Name: Christmas Concerto, Track Length: 0:42,? Track Number 8, Track Name: Queen Of The Winter Night, Track Length: 3:11,? Track Number 9, Track Name: Christmas Nights In Blue, Track Length: 4:18,? Track Number 10, Track Name: Christmas Jazz, Track Length: 2:16,? Track Number 11, Track Name: Christmas Jam, Track Length: 3:47,? Track Number 12, Track Name: Siberian Sleigh Ride, Track Length: 3:80,? Track Number 13, Track Name: What Is Christmas?, Track Length: 2:51,? Track Number 14, Track Name: For The Sake Of Our Brother, Track Length: 3:90,? Track Number 15, Track Name: The Wisdom Of Snow, Track Length: 2:10,? Track Number 16, Track Name: Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness), Track Length: 3:42,? Track Number 17, Track Name: Back To A Reason (Part II), Track Length: 4:52,? Track Number 18, Track Name: Christmas Bells, Carousels and Time, Track Length: 1:40,? Track Number 19, Track Name: What Child Is This?, Track Length: 5:57,? Track Number 20, Track Name: O' Come All Ye Faithful, Track Length: 1:26,? Track Number 21, Track Name: Christmas Canon Rock, Track Length: 5:20,? Track Number 22, Track Name: Different Wings, Track Length: 2:44,? Track Number 23, Track Name: Midnight Clear, Track Length: 1:38



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