ESP Day Glow Super V Saucer Disc Sled - Tie Dye
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DIAMOND POLISHED BOTTOM – Each snow disc sled features a highly polished contact surface that gives you an amazingly smooth and speedy ride. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Manufactured in the USA, this saucer disc sled has a durable resin construction that can withstand heavy use, even in cold winter climates. MOLDED RIBBED HANDLES – The side handles feature an ergonomic design that facilitates a comfortable grip. The molded ribbed panels allow you to tightly grip the discs without putting too much tension on your hands. SIMPLE AND FAST - Just hop in and go! The disk is easy and you can just jump in and slam down the hill or pull off some tricks and spins by just moving your body. BRIGHT COLORING - The bright color is super-high contrasting so you'll easily pick out the sled in a sea of other sledders and white snow.



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