Real-Kill 10 lb. Lawn Insect Killer Granules
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Real-Kill Lawn Insect Killer Granules is intended to control ants, including carpenter ants, red harvester ants, odorous pyramid ants, pharaoh (sugar) ants, fire ants and forging fire ants; armyworms, including fall armyworms; billbugs, including bluegrass billbugs; cutworms, including black cutworms; weevils, including hyperodes and bluegrass; chiggers; chinch bugs; cockroaches; crickets; earwigs; grasshoppers; mealybugs; pillbugs; silverfish; sod webworms (lawn moth) and sowbugs. This product is for use on residential lawns, home perimeters, ornamental and flower gardens and home gardens. This fact-acting and odor-free product kills listed insects above and below ground. Do not allow children or pets to enter the area until this product is watered in and the lawn is dry.


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