10 Cents a Dance [Bonus Tracks] The Flirts Primary Artist
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When {|the Flirts|}' debut album, 10 Cents a Dance, came out in 1982, the female trio found themselves being compared to the Go-Go's more than anyone. However, while the Go-Go's, who were huge at the time, were a major influence, the Flirts had an equally fun-loving personality of their own. The Go-Go's' influence is hard to miss on We Just Wanna Dance, Jukebox, and the wildly infectious surf ditty On the Beach, but you won't hear them echoed on Passion -- a sexy Euro-disco/synth-funk gem that was a hit in dance clubs, despite receiving little radio airplay. (This album contains the three-minute version of Passion -- dance club DJs favored the nine-minute version that O Records released on a 12 single). While the Go-Go's were a new wave/power pop band who loved the 1960s girl-group sound, the Flirts were a new wave/power pop group who loved the 1960s girl-group sound, but also got into high-tech Euro-disco, dance-pop, and synth pop. The guitar-powered Go-Go's wouldn't have recorded anything as European-sounding and synthesizer-driven as Calling All Boys, which sounds like it could have been produced by {|Giorgio Moroder|} even though the whole album was produced by {|Bobby Orlando|}. From power pop to dance-pop, 10 Cents a Dance is about as fun-loving as it gets. [ZYX's 2006 reissue included three bonus tracks.]


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