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Pautzke's® Balls O' Fire Salmon Eggs are packed in their natural state, with no chemical preservatives, and come in a wide variety of options: Tyee® - The smallest egg in the Balls O' Fire® line, yet packs a mighty punch. Significantly smaller than other eggs, the Tyee is designed to tuck into tight spaces behind small boulders, in pockets, and under overhanging banks. These eggs can be used in any angling conditions, but are most effective when fished on 2-lb. monofilament line and a single salmon egg hook. Gold Label® - Features glitter embedded in and on the edges of the egg as an added magnetism that draws trout in from great distances. Orange Deluxe® - A more natural-colored salmon egg, highly appealing to salmon, trout, and steelhead. In reality, natural-color eggs aren't actually red, but a shade of orange. Orange Deluxe eggs are carefully cooked to emulate the natural tint that salmon, trout, and steelhead eggs carry in the wild, which in part is what makes them so valuable. Yellow Jackets® - Feature a natural yellowish tint to them and come swollen with secret juices trout can't defy. Whereas red salmon eggs have been the staple for years, natural-colored eggs have gained popularity in today's market where anglers are trying new combinations of colors to overcome increased fishing pressure and master adverse water conditions. Natural Deluxe - Resembles natural spawn, similar to brown trout, rainbow trout, and steelhead eggs. These eggs maintain a natural, almost white tint and come swollen with secret juices trout and steelhead can't defy. Pink Shrimp - Cooked to precision and combined with the secret Pautzke family recipe, the Pink Shrimp egg is plump and juicy. The largest egg in the Balls O' Fire family, it's UV enhanced and shrimp-flavored. This is the preferred egg for tying spawn sacks or fished solo. Chartreuse Garlic - Sturdy, vibrant, and UV enhanced, this overpowering egg draws trout and steelhead in from great distances. The chartreuse is a used as a visual stimulant, whereas the garlic smell draws trout in for a closer look.



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