Attic-Attack Interchangeable Universal Pest Repellent Barrier Strips, Naturally Deters Spiders and Other Insects, Includes Wintergreen and Peppermint Oil to Repel Mice and Rats (2-Pack)


NATURAL PEST CONTROL — Made with a unique blend of wintergreen, peppermint and other essential oils, the Attic-Attack polyethylene pest barrier effectively repels mice, rats and insects. Our nontoxic formula is safe for kids and pets..EASY-TO-USE ANYWHERE — Apply the pest barrier inside your attic, basement, windows, kitchen, pantry, or anywhere with an entrance that pests may enter. Simply cut the strips to fit your space. Multiple strips are recommended at possible barrier entry points..YEAR-ROUND PROTECTION — The Attic-Attack patented pest strip works best in fall, winter and early spring when mice come inside for warmth, and during harvest months. For optimum strength, it is recommended to freshen your Attic-Attack pest repellent each year before the fall season..EFFECTIVE NON-TOXIC FORMULA — Other pest control pouches use only peppermint oil to repel mice, but our unique blend uses other essential oils like wintergreen to get the best results. Our proprietary resin slowly releases the essential oils, making them last longer than standard mouse repellent pouches..HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN — The Attic-Attack Universal Pest Repellent Barrier Strips were designed with durable materials. The pest barrier strips can also be used with Attic Dek floor systems by USA Sealing (not included) for the ultimate clean and organized attic. Package includes 2 pest barrier strips.



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