Strike King Coffee Fat Tube - 2-3/4in - Watermelon Candy Green Pumpkin
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A shorter yet beefier version of the original Coffee Tube, the Strike King Coffee Fat Tube offers finesse fishermen a smaller profile bait that still has enough girth to appeal to predators looking for a healthy snack. These tubes function well in a variety of finesse fishing scenarios, as they imitate several types of forage that appeal to bass. Hop the tube along deep rocky bottoms to imitate a small crawfish or goby traversing the bottom, or swim them through the middle of the water column while periodically allowing them to spiral downward to imitate a distressed juvenile sunfish. As its name implies, the Coffee Fat Tube is infused with the ground coffee bean scent that the KVD Perfect Plastics series is known for. This scent helps to mask the "human scent" from your hands, providing additional effectiveness on fish who encounter their fair share of lures.


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