Celestron Microscope Calibration Slide
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Ensure accurate readings from your microscope with the help of Celestron's Microscope Calibration Slide. Also known as a stage micrometer, the Celestron Microscope Calibration Slide is a standard 1" x 3" glass microscope slide that features an etched scale that is 1mm in total length and subdivided into 100 equal divisions. The stage micrometer fits on your microscope's stage, allowing you to ensure your specimen measurements are correct. If you have a digital microscope and or a traditional microscope with a digital imager attachment, a stage micrometer is essential for calibrating the microscope's software settings. You can also use the stage micrometer to manually measure specimens that are 1/100th of a millimeter or larger, such as microfibers. If you have a non-digital microscope (e.g., Celestron Labs), you can use the stage micrometer to calibrate the microscope's eyepiece reticles and determine the field of view of different objective lens and eyepiece pairings. If you find yourself changing objectives and eyepiece reticles often, using your calibration slide regularly will help you maintain measuring accuracy. Compatible Microscopes The stage micrometer works with a wide range of Celestron microscopes and imagers to measure specimens or determine your microscope's field of view.



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