Time of Our Lives Miley Cyrus Primary Artist
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If {|Breakout|} began to establish Miley Cyrus as a singing star in her own right, free of Hannah Montana baggage, then Time of Our Lives is another confident step in that direction. The Time of Our Lives still boasts a couple of frothy, Hannah-esque party anthems, the title track and Party in the USA. Though Cyrus' voice borders on shrill on both songs, they'll please Montana fans (that goes double for the live version of Before the Storm with {|the Jonas Brothers|}). However, when she lets her inner rock chick and ballad-singing diva come to the fore, Cyrus really shines: the lead track Kicking and Screaming has more guts and swagger than anything else she has recorded, and Talk Is Cheap underscores that she has a real flair for rock -- albeit of the well-groomed, Disney-fied variety. She is just as accomplished on the EP's ballads, particularly Obsessed. Cyrus has always sounded older than her years, and as she leaves her teens, that's a good thing -- especially since The Time of Our Lives shows her music is catching up to her pipes.


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