scünci No Damage Elastic Hair Ties - Black - All Hair - 20pcs
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These 20 No Damage® black elastics are a must whether you’re in a pinch before a workout, doing your ‘do for a date, or just need quick and easy styling. Super-strong yet super-comfy, they hold hair in place for that just-right look. About No Damage® Since 1998, scünci was the industry first in improving the forever classic hair tie. By removing the grommet from the elastics, consumers now have a virtually seamless and smooth experience. No more having little hairs get caught in the metal! With No Damage®, hair ties also got a sophisticated upgrade by giving ponytails a continuous look, without that distracting metal closure. These metal-free hair ties have since become the industry standard. Since 1998, we have expanded this category to every area of this segment. No Damage® elastics come in all varieties to for all hair types, thicknesses, and style preferences. From basic black to colorful flair, scünci No Damage® is always there for your hair. About scünci Hair Accessories When it comes to keeping your look on trend, scünci has you covered with today’s hottest hair accessories, including stylish bows, claw clips, headbands, super-comfy scrunchies, glitzy bobby pins, glam clips and barrettes, and so much more. From work to workouts to nights out, scünci lets you express your personal style and gets you ready for any occasion. Take control of your hair and look amazing whatever you do and wherever you go. Whether bling is your thing or casual is your calling, with scünci, ü got this.