Deluxe Mario Raccoon Costume for Kids
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If there is one thing that the tales we’ve learned from our exploits in the Mushroom Kingdom, it is that the super powers that come from seemingly common items there do not always translate over. We know that you are likely already familiar with this. You’ve no doubt rushed to catch falling leaves or picked up a random feather and gripped it tight to your chest, waiting for the transformation to occur. Hopefully you haven’t taken to eating random mushrooms found in your yard. Definitely avoid that one. There isn’t too much risk from those leaves and even the random boot lying around… but, seriously, avoid those shrooms!Anyway, we’ve had it with all the incomplete transformations, so we have sent our best agents into the warp pipes to go gather as many powerups as they can and bring them back to our own world. Especially now that it looks like Mario will be making a return to the real world for an adventure, we need to be as ready as we possibly can. So, we’ve got a number of these most precious Tanuki Leaves and we’re ready to send them your way so you can get to practicing the wagging of your new tail!… Unfortunately, there is one problem. All the leaves are based on Mario’s size. And… well… he’s really, really short. We never realized that with all those pixels out there. So, we’re still working on sizes for the rest of us. But, in the mean time, you can have your kiddo hold this high and enjoy their own Tanuki-Transformation with this officially licensed Deluxe Mario Racoon costume. This perfect garb helps to transform your child into the powered-up version of everyone’s favorite Nintendo hero. The costume recreates the blue overalls and red shirt seen in the video games and adds the raccoon ears and tail for that Super Mario Bros 3 look that will have your kid ready to do some platforming! Hopefully the Super Feather currently in R&D can help us adults out next time around!


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