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About U by Kotex Click Compact Tampons, Regular Absorbency Get up to 100% leak-free protection and stay confident throughout your day with U by Kotex Click Compact Tampons! Made without fragrance, Click tampons for women are designed for your comfort and have a smooth tip for easy and comfortable insertion. Each tampon features ComfortFlex grooves that move with you for outstanding comfort. Pocket-sized and small enough to carry in your purse or pocket, these tampons go from compact to a full-size tampon in one easy step giving you comfortably compact, powerful protection. Pull the lower half of the tampon and when it locks in place, it’s ready to go! U by Kotex Click Compact Tampons are available in regular, super and super plus absorbencies. Key Benefits & Features #1 Compact Tampon: Best selling pocket-sized tampon Reliable Protection: Up to 100% leak-free protection Full-Sized Protection: Compact to fit your lifestyle with full-sized protection with just a click Designed for Comfort: Smooth, plastic applicator & CommfortFlex Grooves for easy and comfortable insertion U by Kotex Click Compact Tampons, Regular Absorbency FAQs How do tampons work? Back to the basics: a tampon is a period product designed to absorb menstrual blood internally. They come in small cylinders most often made of cotton or rayon. These materials are compressed to fit inside you easily and will expand slightly as they absorb. Tampons often come with an applicator made of cardboard or plastic which makes inserting the tampon easier. The applicator contains a plunger, which you will push to insert the tampon. Lastly there is a string attached to the tampon that remains outside of your body after you have inserted the tampon so you can easily remove it. Where do tampons go? Short answer: your vagina. This is a little tricky though because often the term vagina is confused with the technical term vulva. Your vulva is the visible area including the mons pubis, labia, clitoris, and the opening of the vagina. Your vagina is the canal that connects your vulva to the opening of your uterus, which is called your cervix. Your vagina is located below your urethra, where you pee. You don’t need to worry about confusing these though: your urethra is too small for a tampon. How far should the tampon go? Lucky for you, Click Compact Tampons are designed to solve this question for you! You’ll want to insert the tampon until your fingers on the grip of the applicator touch your vulva. At that point the tampon is fully inserted and you can push the plunger to release and then remove the applicator, leaving only the string visible from the outside. The tampon itself should no longer be visible. If it is and feels uncomfortable, simply use a clean finger to gently push it further in. How to remove a tampon: Once again, you’ll want to start by washing your hands. Next you can get back into whichever comfy position you used to insert the tampon and relax your pelvic muscles. Locate the white string of the tampon and pull gently to remove it. Once removed, wrap the tampon in toilet paper and dispose of it in the garbage. U by Kotex Click Compact Tampons, Regular Absorbency Sizing Guide RegularSuperSuper Plus Absorbency 6-9 g 9-12 g 12-15 g Ingredients Rayon, Polyester, Polyethylene, Paraffin Wax, Titanium Dioxide. Related Articles Top 8 Pads for Bladder Leaks for Men & Women . Women's Kotex U by Click Compact Tampons, Regular Absorbency Size Pack of 16 | Carewell.



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